Share and Care Service

The Right & Square Share and Care Service model is a flexible care option that is based on the concept of exchange (barter). Under this service, Sharers with diverse backgrounds are introduced to homeowners who are able to provide low-cost accommodation for them. Sharers in their turn provide a certain level of help, support and companionship to these homeowners in exchange for the accommodation provided.

Under our Share and Care Service, Sharers are not required to provide personal, nursing or other forms of bespoke care for the homeowner. They are however required to dedicate a specified period of their time each week to providing the Homeowner with friendly companionship and practical help which may include duties such as shopping, gardening, etc.

Benefits of using the Share and Care Service on Right & Square

The benefits of using our Share and Care service are as follows:

  • The Homeowner is provided with a helper and companion, while the sharer gets very affordable housing. This turns out to be a very convenient arrangement for both parties
  • The Homeowner is not required to pay or manage the Sharer, and the Sharer is not required to provide any special care for the homeowner.
  • Sharers end up having some considerable time for themselves as they are not required to dedicate most of their time to caring for the Homeowner
  • Homeowners are matched with compatible Sharers to ensure a friendly, happy and peaceful share
  • Appropriate care and support is regularly provided by Right & Square to both the Homeowner and the Sharer


There is no exchange of funds between the Sharer and Homeowner, but Right & Square requires that both the Sharer and Homeowner pay a small monthly facilitation fee. Sharers will be required to pay the following fees:

  • Country Service: Our fees in more rural country areas are £124.99 per month
  • Outer London and City Service : In UK Cities and London suburbs our fees are £149.99 per month
  • London Service: £179.99 per month