Live-in Care Recruitment Service

Besides being a recruitment service for professionals in various sectors such as Accounting and Management, offers specialized recruitment services within the field of Live-in Care. Live-in care is a form of specialized around-the-clock care given to the elderly who would prefer to receive care in the comfort of their homes, rather than in a nursing or rest home. This comprehensive care is provided by carers who usually work in shifts to ensure that proper care is given to the patient at all times. For most people, live-in care is a better and more convenient alternative to sending their elderly and loved ones away to a hospital or care home when they become unable to properly take care of them.

Right & Square is dedicated to supporting at-home independence in order to empower people to live life as they choose. We provide live-in care recruitment services using three different service models or options. A brief outline of the three options is given below. To access more detailed information about each option, please click on the corresponding links.

This option embodies a form of recruitment service offered by Right & Square in which live-in carers are directly referred or introduced to a wide range of clients who require their services. Clients who make use of this service typically manage the home carers by themselves.

Share and Care represents a more flexible alternative to the traditional form of live-in care. In this service, Right & Square matches helpful and caring people (sharers) with clients who provide low cost accommodation which might otherwise be unaffordable for the sharers.

Live-in care agencies registered under the CQC (Care Quality Commission) are regarded as more reliable and are therefore highly rated. Under this service model, Right & Square aims to refer clients who are in need of professional home care to these agencies.