Live-in Care Introductory Service

The Right & Square live-in care introductory service model is designed for clients who prefer to remain in their homes while receiving special care, and who are also able to manage and pay their own live-in carers directly. In this service, experienced and professional carers are introduced directly to these clients. The carers involved may act as housekeepers and companions, or even provide bespoke care that is tailored to fit specific needs.

Bearing in mind that clients have different needs and carers have different skills, some effort is made by the team of professionals at Right & Square to understand the client’s habits and lifestyle, and care is taken to find out what traits the client requires or desires in a carer.  Moreover, the carer’s personal qualities, skills, work history, family background, likes and dislikes, etc. are put into consideration in order to determine if they would be a right fit for the client.   All this is done before a carer is eventually introduced to a client, to ensure that clients are matched with carers who are just right for them.

In order to serve our clients better, Right & Square handles the sourcing and screening of carers, and provides guidance to clients all through the process of engaging a carer. We provide introductory services that are in accordance with the home care recruitment industry’s strict and professional standards.

The Right & Square Live-in Care Introduction Service team is unique in that every member has been carefully hand-picked and specially trained to carry out the delicate task of matching clients to quality carers. We understand the value of true, heartfelt and intuitive care, and we are out to provide that for our clients.


At the completion of a successful introduction and carer engagement, Right & Square is entitled to an introduction commission of 20% of the hourly carer rate.  Right & Square also reserves the right to alter the terms of its commission structure at any time.