Letter of Recommendation Template

Use the letter of recommendation template to write your own informative and
relevant recommendation letter. Simply insert your information into the basic
reference letter template.

The sample phrases, guidelines and resources will
make the task of writing a recommendation quick and easy. You
can refer to the examples of reference letters listed to help you with
writing a positive and useful recommendation letter.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Your Contact Details

Job Title
Company Name
Full Address



To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir or Madam

First Paragraph

(name of job seeker) reported to me as (your position) for X years in the
position of (job seeker’s position).

Second Paragraph

(name of job seeker) was responsible for the following activities:

  • activity 1
  • activity 2
  • activity 3
  • activity 4

Use these job descriptions to help you here

Third Paragraph

(name of job seeker) demonstrated a wide range of skills and abilities in
this position including ..
(list of job skills)

I would describe (name of job seeker)’s greatest strengths as ..(list of strengths)

Fourth Paragraph

In summary, I can strongly recommend (name of job seeker) as a hard working
and dedicated employee. I have no doubt that (name of job seeker) will prove an
asset to any organization.


If you require any further information with regard to (name of job seeker)’s
suitability for employment please contact me on (your email/phone number)


Your Name

Sample letters of recommendation

Sample letter of recommendation template for an employee

General Sample Reference Letter

Sample Character Reference Letters

Get help with writing a personal character reference letter that clearly
highlights the positive attributes of the individual.

How do I write a good letter of recommendation?

You can insert these excellent phrases into the letter of recommendation template.


“I would like to recommend Jane as a candidate for employment with your

“I have enjoyed working directly with John during his X years as a (position) at Z

“I am writing to recommend Jane as an excellent (position)”

As John’s manager for X years I am able to fully recommend him for (position)”


“Jane did an excellent job in this position and made a valuable
contribution to our organization”

“She displayed superior communication skills, strong organizational and
planning ability and is able to work independently”

“He was able to competently complete multiple projects within budget and
on deadline”

“John displays keen problem-solving skills and uses his initiative to
provide workable solutions”

“She offers excellent time management skills and is able to successfully
multi-task in a fast-paced work environment”

“Her attention to detail ensured her work was always accurate”

“He provided outstanding customer service to our clients and is always
prepared to go the extra mile”

“An effective team member who makes valuable contributions to the
achievement of department goals”

“John proved himself to be reliable and conscientious, a staff member I
could always depend on”

“With his perseverance and dedication, John, will be a valuable asset to
any sales team”

“Jane is a self-starter who gets on with the job in a conscientious and
efficient manner”


“I am confident John will make a significant contribution to the success
of your organization”

“I am sorry to see Jane go and we will miss her energy and dedication”

“John would be an asset to any employer and I can recommend him without

“I believe that Jane’s strengths and skills will prove an asset to your
company and she has my highest recommendation”

What are the most in-demand job competencies?

These are the 7 core competencies that have been identified as critical for successful job performance by employers. In your letter of recommendation refer to the relevant competencies that make the individual a good job candidate.

List of 7 in-demand competencies for the workplace today

Find out more at 12 Core Competencies

Best letter of recommendation examples

Sample reference letter for an employee who has been laid off.

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