#216 How to ask better questions

Asking great questions is an invaluable career skill. It helps to accelerate your learning and build better relationships, but it’s not always easy. This week Helen and Sarah talk about the skill of asking questions. They explore different techniques and approaches and reflect on how different people and places require you to adapt your style

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Letter of Recommendation Template

Use the letter of recommendation template to write your own informative and relevant recommendation letter. Simply insert your information into the basic reference letter template. The sample phrases, guidelines and resources will make the task of writing a recommendation quick and easy. You can refer to the examples of reference letters listed to help you

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How to Protect Your Mental Wellness at Work – Career & Professional Development

How to Protect Your Mental Wellness at Work was originally published on Vault. Today, more and more workplaces are providing accessible work conditions and leave policies that account for different mental conditions and work styles. Technology allows for more flexible schedules, and a better understanding of how different people require different environments to flourish and

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#213 Finding your purpose at work

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Working to Learn Must Underpin the Future of Work

Technological innovations have helped humans separate industrial ages and define periods of time throughout history, thanks to their transformative effect on people’s lives. From the rise of industry to the dawn of the internet, innovation has provided regular timestamps which we have used to define eras. But categorizing history in this way assumes innovation and

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8 Ways to Build a Solid Referral Program – Personal Branding Blog

Many successful businesses are built on the backs of solid, scalable referral programs. These enterprises don’t always make headlines and may not even have great name recognition, except among those lucky enough to be referred.  But they succeed all the same because their referral programs are powerful, cost-effective lead-generation channels. Unlike the mass media advertising

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