Creating an EVP That Serves Multiple Businesses

What if your brand isn’t a single organization but a family of several brands, each with its own priorities, competitors, and target candidates? That’s the challenge LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group (RSG) faced in 2020. Under the leadership of Director for Employer Brand Shelley Jeffcoat, the company launched an EVP that served each of its eight

5 Time Management Myths You’ve Bought Into – Personal Branding Blog

  Business leaders like to say time is money. Based on that valuation, time management has become a booming industry. Global sales of workflow software and time-tracking apps will eclipse $22 billion by 2025. Consultants charge premium retainers to streamline operations across industries. Leadership speakers provide their insights in keynotes and webinars. Articles about time-saving

How to Write a Resignation Email (Examples Included)

By Mike Simpson Deciding to leave a job is usually equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. In most cases, you’re probably moving on to bigger, better things, like a new job. Or maybe you’re simply trying to get away from something that’s making you miserable. Did you know that millions of people leave their jobs each

10 Tips for Internship Interviews

Internship interviews can be intimidating. The competition for internships is fierce. There are only a limited number of internship positions available and applicants need to stand out from the crowd. Employers want to hire people who are confident, relaxed and ready to meet challenges. An unprepared internship candidate is unlikely to make the right impression

12 Tips for Speeding Up the Security Clearance Process – Career & Professional Development

There is good news for those following the saga of personnel security and background investigations processing—the backlog of pending security clearance background investigations has been drastically reduced over the past year or so, and security clearance processing times are beginning to shrink, as well. Process improvements began under the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) and

#190 How to be a Memorable Manager

This week Helen and Sarah talk to 2 of the most memorable managers from their career, James Tipple and Sarah Warby. They talk about why adaptability is a crucial skill for managers, how to make a 121 a positive experience for you and your manager and what James and Sarah have learnt from their own

How to Invest in Employer Branding

When Aaron Kraljev left Wells Fargo in 2019, he left behind many of the comforts that come with working for a large organization: a familiar order of operations, significant resources, the security of knowing where to turn for answers, and the stability offered by a company that’s been around for over one hundred years. Fisher

5 Point Checklist to Evaluate for You’re Startup to Succeed – Personal Branding Blog

The never-ending road of entrepreneurship is about a constant flow of ideas, rethinking existing methods, and putting them into practice to see a business thrive. If you’ve been on this path for years, you know exactly what it entails. Being an entrepreneur, you’ve already realized that just a few of your many startup ideas are

Top 27 McDonald’s Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

By Mike Simpson In many ways, answering McDonald’s interview questions can feel like a rite of passage. After all, one-in-eight workers in the United States worked for McDonald’s at some point in their lives. McDonald’s isn’t just a household name; it’s a major employer. In the United States alone, there are nearly 14,000 locations, employing

Phone Interview Questions and Answers

Be ready to answer typical phone interview questions. The phone call may come at any time, particularly if you have sent out a number of resumes. The key is to be be prepared, ready and confident to handle telephone interviews whenever they come. This type of interview is used to select applicants for face-to-face interviews.

Tell Your Story – Connecting Students in Crisis – Career & Professional Development

January 20, 2021 Jacqui Tejada is an alumna of the Graduate School of Social Work. She obtained her Master’s degree in social work in 2016. She is now a Student Affairs Case Manager at the University of California San Diego in La Jolla, California. Tell us a little bit about what you do in your