#210 How to be a meaningful mentor

Mentoring is one of the ways we can support other people with their career development. Anyone can be a mentor. It’s not a role reserved for ‘senior’ people or people who have years and years of experience. We can all share our insights and perspectives with other people to help them learn about themselves and

Nudging the Way to Better Employee Wellbeing and Productivity

As organizations face the prospect of offices reopening and start planning for the adoption of a hybrid (remote/ in-office) work environment, Richard Gregory, Senior Director at Avanade considers how ‘Nudge’ theory can empower employees to be the best they can be. For some time, organizations have known that they have needed to be more data-led

7 Tips to Help You Network More Effectively

No man is an island, as the saying goes. Well, neither is a business! For your business to be successful, you need to build relationships with people. It’s those connections that can help you get leads, attract paying customers, and propel your company to success. To be successful, you should know how to network in

How to List References on a Resume (Templates Included)

By Mike Simpson Let’s face facts; writing a resume isn’t always easy. You have to choose the best resume format, discuss the right skills, cover critical achievements, and so much more, all in just a couple of pages. Then, if you need to fit references on a resume, too, it can quickly become overwhelming. Does

Senior Accounting Job Description Example

Use the accounting job description to determine the common job requirements and competencies for a senior accountant position. The job duties and responsibilities will vary from company to company but the core functions remain constant and are clearly articulated in this job description. A practical and comprehensive job description is essential for a full understanding

These Time Management Skills Can Make You a Better Employee—and Improve Your Work-Life Balance – Career & Professional Development

These Time Management Skills Can Make You a Better Employee—and Improve Your Work-Life Balance was originally published on The Muse, a great place to research companies and careers. Click here to search for great jobs and companies near you. Time management is one of those important work and life skills that seems to find its

#208 How to explore your potential

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How to Retain Your Best Female Workers During COVID-19

According to a recent Mckinsey report, the global pandemic has disproportionately impacted female employees. Women are 1.8 times more likely to lose or feel forced to leave their jobs due to COVID-19 than their male counterparts. There are many reasons for this, one being the rise in unpaid caring responsibilities for children and loved ones,

7 Careers to Pursue with Your Communications Degree

It’s an old, well-worn joke by now: “A communications degree? What can you do with that?” Well, as it turns out…a lot. There has never been a better time to pursue a degree in communications. Why? Because our interconnected society relies on communication more than ever. Today’s world relies on information from big data to

Why Can’t I Find a Job? – 20 Reasons (and Tips!)

By Jeff Gillis Why can’t I find a job? It’s a question plenty of candidates ask at some point in there.  In the end, a job search is almost always challenging, even if you’re incredibly well qualified. While the current state of the economy, where you live, your skillset, and other factors are definitely in

Bar Manager Job Description

Sample bar manager job description clearly lays out the duties, responsibilities and skills associated with the position of bar manager. This job includes a wide variety of activities in a number of different work environments ranging from local bars and restaurants to party and hotel venues. Whatever the working environment, the core duties related to