#203 Presenting tips from TED (with Maryam Pasha)

Earlier this year Helen and Sarah worked with the TEDx team to deliver their first TEDx talk. From writing, practicing and presenting, the TEDxLondon team were there to support every step of the way. The team have helped 100s of people to share their ideas and present with authenticity.

In this week’s Squiggly Careers podcast, Helen and Sarah talk with Maryam Pasha, Director of TEDxLondon and founder of X Equals Productions. Maryam shares what she has learnt about how to tell compelling stories, share ideas that inspire and talk so that people want to listen.

To watch Helen and Sarah’s TED Talk, head to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH_fZ-foKQU

To enter The Squiggly Career Advocate Awards (closing date 31/03/21), head to: http://www.amazingif.com/advocates

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